Making your own alumni website using Wordpress

If you are reading this, I would assume you already have a Wordpress site set up.  If not, read this article

  1. Download and Install BuddyPress
  2. Configure Buddypress:  Modify settings and feel free to install a different BuddyPress Theme if you want.  (For my alumni website, I used the Frisco for BuddyPress Theme)
  3. Install Plugins - Below is a list of some plugins I have installed:
    - Advanced Text Widget
    - bbPress (discussion boards)
    - Black Studio TinyMCE Widget (nice widget for sidebar that allows you to do more than just plain text)
    - BP Profile Search (adds extra fields to search for members)
    - BP Xtra Signup (adds extra fields to member sign-up form)
    - BuddyBar Widget (nice sidebar widget for members and logging into site)
    - BuddyMobile (nice mobile version of website)
    - BuddyPress Private Community (make what pages you want public, while keeping rest private for Members)
    - Contact Form 7
    - Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress (nice search for members)
    - Email Login
    - Events Manager
    - Page Links To (link Page to a URL)
    - SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam (make sure humans are registering)
    - SlideDeck for Wordpress (slideshow on homepage)
  4. CUSTOMIZE - There was a lot of customization that went into my alumni site.  From colors, fonts, sign-up form, IE compatibility coding, etc.

There are going to be things that you'll have to configure or tweak that I didn't cover above but I hope that I helped pave the way.  This was my first ever Wordpress site and never really used Wordpress before so it was quite a challenge but was sure fun!